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Competitive Bidding Projects

Capita Symonds - Crossrail project delivery partner bid

  • Jonathan Roberts was a lead director for consultancy support. He also provided a specialised writing and editing service, meeting bid deadlines for technical chapters.
  • Capita Symonds was short-listed by Crossrail to become its world class project delivery partner, during bidding in 2008-09. It achieved considerable acclaim for the quality of its proposals.
  • Grayling UK worked with Capita Symonds to profile the business among political and technical audiences.

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Cubic Transportation - smartcards, system integration and informed travellers

  • The company is proposing ‘Next City’ systems for smartcards, integrated revenue allocation and passenger and operator ‘total knowledge’ management, for other cities and transport operators.
  • JRC has assisted Cubic on TfL projects and other specific approaches within Britain.
  • Cubic won the contract with Transport for London in August 2008, to be the lead partner for the Future Ticketing Agreement during 2010-13 and to run the world-famous ‘Oyster’ smartcard scheme.
  • Cubic had developed the ‘Oyster’ system with other partners during the original PFI project, which began in 1998 and is now used daily by millions of passengers.

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